Shawn Negangard


     Shawn Negangard #16 from Osgood, IN is 24 years of age. He is currently following the NALMS circuit. 

     Shawn began racing in 1992 in a go-kart. His first win came in 1998 in the late model division in Florida. He is currently running 5th in points. Shawn was the 1999 NALMS Rookie of the Year.

     Shawn's late models are a Mastersbilt and a Rayburn powered by a Chevy 415. His racing hero is Kevin Weaver.

     Shawn's greatest racing thrill and greatest racing accomplishment are one in the same, making the Dream and the Million at Eldora. His racing goal is to move up to asphalt.

     Shawn would like to thank Kevin Weaver, Gary DeWitt, his father, Ryan Cullen and Tim Milburn Jr. and Sr. 

Shawn's quote: "AWESOME"!